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  Emulsion,latex and Water soluble adhesives and glues
  We introduce our emulsion,latex and water soluble adhesives, which are natural or synthetic rubber latexes which have been passed through a denaturing process. We are always continuing product development to offer custom made products to meet our customer's needs and demand, such as adhesives without solvents or halogens, as adhesives designed with the environment in mind. Feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

  Classification by Component
Component Product Name Content Application
NR Cured Latex PC- Sulfur based pre-cured latex. For food packaging For dipped products (balloons, gloves etc), strippable paint and sealing agent.
Sulfur based post-cured latex For dipped products and molded products (dolls, model monster figures)
TT- Thiuram cured For dipped products (Excellent thermal and weather resistance)
SS- Pre-cured with organic peroxide For dipped products (finger stalls, gloves, etc) characterized by absence of sulfur, adhesives, binders, strippable paint
SP- Special denatured curing Strippable paint, etc.
NR Latex - base on grafted resin MG-
NR-MMA Graft copolymer Base for various adhesives (For PVC, artificial leather, shoes, hair transplants, cold sealing agents, etc)
SG- Pre-cured MG As aboveAdhesive for rubber particles, tyre chips and binder for press board.
HG- Denatured MG Adhesive for PVC, adhesive for shoes
STG- Grafted NR- styrene Base for various adhesives
EMG- Grafted NR-GMA Base for various adhesives
Modified NR H- Modified Latex Used in glue application processes and adhesives
DPL Depolymerized NR Latex Glue, adhesives and softening agents
DPMG Grafted DPL-MMA Base for various adhesives
CL- Denatured NR Fast drying adhesives and adhesives for shoes
Synthetic Rubber Latex based SB-
ModifiedSBR Latex Hard finishing agents for modified NR latex
ModifiedNBR Latex Adhesive for PVC, NBR, and oil resistant adhesives
Modified CR type, acrylic graftedCR Latex Various types of rubber, adhesives for resins, binder for hair transplants, weather resistant membranes for molding use.
Synthetic Resin Emulsion base HM-
EVA basedPolyolefin based emulsion Hotmelt adhesive for use with fibres. Heat sealing agents for paper.
Rosin based,Terpentine phenol petroleum resin dispersion Latex and emulsion based adhesifierTackifier
Acrylic based emulsion Glues, NR - SBR modifiers, solvent activation type adhesives, and shock absorbent foam molding
Highly functional latex emulsion BI- Block type isocyanatedispersion Synthetic rubber latex, resin emulsion cross-linking agents (non Formalin)
U- Modified urethane based emulsion Adhesive for PVCAdhesive for synthetic leather
DT- Acrylic - styrene based emulsion Delayed tack type glue
HCR- NR based Latex.SBR based Latex. Static electricity suppressive and electrically conductive adhesives.
V- Polyacrylate based Tackifiers for latex and emulsion use.
Blend base Compound products based principally on a combination of various types of synthetic rubbers, synthetic resins and functional emulsions.
The product names described above are symbols for classification use. Please enquire about the details of our product numbers for each of your applications.
We can customize to match your needs. Please enquire by electronic mail or FAX.

Classification by Application

Application Characteristics Product Name
Paper Processing Cold sealing agents Envelopes, food containers CS-100/SS-300/
Heat sealing agents Paper processing HS-90/HS-100
Resealable glue Envelopes, medical tape packaging PA-130
Peelable glue Receipt paper use PA-I/PA-200
Delayed Tack glue Adhesives not requiring backing paper DT-200
Masking tape For acrylic panels MS-100
Album Glue Surface glue For self-adhesive Album sheets.Adhesion with a soft touch. FA-200
Reverse side glue For holding type mounting paperboard. BP-605
Fibre Processing Laminating Flexibility H-300/H-1000
Carpet Backing General use, static electricity suppressant SH-X/HCR-150
Tennis Balls For glue application to the felt face and rubber face Non-solvent t type,workability HS-502
Wigs, etc. Wigs and attachable eyelashes Non-toxic, good adhesion NN-80/NN-80H
Adhesive Tape PVC tape primer Resistance to Plasticizers NP-8/MG-40S
Softener for base polymer rubber adhesion layer Adhesivity, flexibility, Emulsion type rubber based DPL-14/DPL-110
Resin for adding adhesivity,
Tackifiers dispersing elements
Turpentine phenol or Rosin based T-130/R-100
Molding Applications Dolls, monsters, makeup Natural rubber S-500
Sponge rubber For foam rubber molding FOM set
Latex compounding agents Thickner Water resistance V-30/V-50
Cross linking agents Non formalin BI-400
Special Use Hardens under UV light For liquid crystal wafer processing Q-161/Q-162
Adhesive for Shoes Lasting Glue General use H-260/H-265
Heat Resistance H-290/BX-800
High adhesion, spreadable type H-270/NX-100
For synthetic leather shoes H-267NA
Tape Glue Cotton fabric use W-100/W-150/
PVC use W-170/W-180
For use with highly water resistant cotton fabric SV-100/SV-40
Uppers Glue General use HL-200/HL-160
Continuous foaming adhesion H-190
Toecap reinforcement and countering Toecap reinforcing hotmelt HM-80/HM-100
Thermo-cement for countering HM-60/HM-70
General rubber boot use Static electricity coating type, workability N-40SP
Electrically Conductive adhesive Adhesive for the middle sole HCR-100
Fishing Shoes Cured adhesive on the felt base W-700H
Fast drying adhesive For mending during last, adhesion of parts CL-300/CL-8100
Rubber Gloves For membrane molding Flexibility V-101/PC-518/
Adhesive for rubber particles Compound stability, resistance to cold SG-16/NB-417
There is a possibility the specification of the products described above will change with the method and materials of use.
We can customize to match your needs. Please enquire by electronic mail or FAX.

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