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  REGITEX TRH-70 is high-concentration natural rubber latex developed by our company.
Currently, mainstream commercial products of natural rubber latexes are concentration of 61%, which are widely used mainly for molding products including gloves, balloons and foam rubber, as well as for adhesives.
Also, products with concentration of up to about 68% are commercialized by means of evaporation method and creaming method to particularly improve drying property.
However, latexes made by evaporation method are poor in drying property despite of the high concentration, because of potassium hydroxide and soap used in the manufacturing process. Also, dried coating films of these products show drawbacks including decreased strength and increased moisture absorbency.
Latexes made by creaming method show progressive creaming during long-term storage due to residual creaming agent used in the manufacturing process, leading to increased concentration in upper layer and decreased concentration in lower layer to cause troubles.
REGITEX TRH-70 was developed to overcome these drawbacks.
TRH-70 is manufactured by an evaporation method with the use of special manufacturing equipment.

1) Aqueous product with excellent fast-drying property
2) Dried coating film shows excellent strength and stretching
3) Low permeability due to excellent fast-drying property, making it ideal for the use as urethane foam adhesive.
4) Good adhesive property to fabrics
5) Excellent stripping property from plastics and metals

1) Adhesives for footwear
1. Adhesion of various parts (leathers, fabrics)
2. Adhesive for automatic shoe lasting machine (one-side adhesion possible)
3. Adhesive for slippers

2) Adhesives for carpets
For lining, adhesion of folded parts, connection of strings, and installation adhesive

3) Adhesives for fabrics
For fabric adhesive bonds (adhesives for trouser hems)

4) Adhesives for urethane foam
Adhesion of urethane foam to urethane foam, and urethane foam to leather lining

5) Strippable paint

6) Drying property improver for latex emulsions

  Property values of TRH-70
Item Data Test method
Total solid content 68 ~ 71% ISO 124
Dry rubber content 66.5 ~ 69.5% |
Non-rubber content < 1.8% |
Alkaline content < 0.6% |
pH 9.75 ~ 10.75 JIS K6387
Viscosity (B-type) 600 ~ 2,000 mPa.s JIS K6381

Product Information
Water soluble adhesives
and glues


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