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"ULACOL" is natural rubber latex with an extremely low ammonia content developed by our company, having a very slight ammonia odor.
Conventional commercial products of natural rubber latexes include "HA latex" and "LA latex" with ammonia concentrations of 0.7% and 0.25%, respectively. "ULACOL" is natural rubber latex with an excellent stability and a very slight ammonia odor, which is manufactured to achieve a reduced ammonia concentration of about 0.1% and with the use of low-toxicity preservative.
In the recent emphasis on VOC and environmental concerns, focus is returning to natural rubber latexes made from biomass materials which are carbon neutral. However, the pungent ammonia odor was a problem in many cases. This problem can be overcome by the use of "ULACOL", with prospective applications in fields that have been unexplored due to the pungent odor, as well as in the conventional market.
In addition, we offer modified products of "ULACOL" including prevulcanized latex and MG latex (MMA graft copolymer), to help expanded applications in new fields.

Note: Please be aware that "ULACOL" is manufactured in small lots due to the nature of developed product.

  ULACOL Series
Raw material natural rubber latex
Conventional natural rubber latex with a reduced ammonia odor
1) Raw material for dipped products and foam rubber
2) Raw material and improver for adhesives and tackifiers
Prevulcanized (pre-cured) latex
Prevulcanized latex with a reduced ammonia odor
1) For dipped products
2) Coating agents and strippable paints
MMA graft copolymer
MG latex with a reduced ammonia odor
1) Raw material and improver for adhesives and tackifiers
2) Improver for dipped products and coating agents

  Property values of ULACOL
Item Data
(not specification values)
Test method
Total solid content 61% ISO 124
NH3 0.1% ISO125
pH 9.0 JIS K6387
VFA No 0.02 ISO 506
MST 1,000 ISO 35
Coagulated matter 0.001% ISO 706
Viscosity (B-type) 80 mPa.s JIS K6381

Product Information
Water soluble adhesives
and glues


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